Jymka Fitness Classes for Kids
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Adult 'Optimum 5' & Teen 'Optimum Fitness' Systems

Using a verity of weekly classes that have a scientific and proven system behind them to get the best results in the shortest time possible to transform our bodies and turn them into calorie burning machines every week. Each class is instructor led and varied so that members get and maintain the results they want at their own pace.  Classes include:


The Jymka BFIT classes are for adults and teens that want to get fit and look fit! Classes incorporate locomotion & mobilisation stretches as a warm up with bodyweight interval training and flexibility skills to get the body burning fat and building muscle. A great class for achieving gains in strength, boosting your metabolism and burning fat for hours after the class.


(2 classes per week) Body conditioning functional fitness classes delivered in our custom designed Green-gym studio with TRX suspension belts, plyometric boxes, kettle-bells, strong-man rope and other stations to get teens, ladies and men fit.  Class activities train your muscles to help you do everyday activities safely and efficiently in addition to getting in shape.  Check out our FX Cut ‘Strongman’ class - a more vigorous version for all adults, to build muscle mass and endurance


(1 class per week) Our classes include various moves, kicks, punches, twists and turns used in martial arts techniques which also help increase flexibility, strength and stamina. Works the whole body and gets the body fit, lean fast and strong. Classes build stamina and good core strength while destroying calories. Members are energised and have a true blast of fun! 


(1 class per week) Focus is on speed, agility, quickness and power. We use agility drills and fun team games which not only works on coordination but gives a mental workout too. This mix of intensity and skilled exercises are great fun and gets muscle groups "fired" up.

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