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Kids 'Optimum Fitness' 

A weekly plan of 3 different class types - which together give complete ‘education-in-movement’ that builds confidence and gives physical fitness results! The 3 different class types include:

1. Multi-activity-sports-n-fitness class

  • Circuit activities to promote good balance, co-ordination and spatial awareness, which are essential skills for progressing in any sport.
  • Active team games which help foster co-operation and an understanding of fair play and which fosters good social skills, improves posture, concentration and attention span.
  • Ball fun and games, which helps the development of both co-ordination and fine motor skills. We also use bean-bags, and other stimulating props into our activities.
  • Gymnastics and tumbling skills to develop agility and flexibility skills and build confidence. Gymnastics as an edge to sports completes the athlete and teaches the complete movement skills

2. Bootcamp Class

  • Agility, Speed and Quickness drills and circuit training to develop coordination and reaction skills
  • Fun team relays to promote fair play ethos and social skills

3. Body Combat Class

  • A full body empowering high energy workout where kids can totally unleash. This fiercely driven program is inspired by martial arts and draws from a wide array of disciplines such as Karate, Boxing and kickboxing. Our highly trained instructor deliver the class to music so kids can strike, punch, kick their way to being super fit

Programme Age Groups:

Penguins classes 2½ to 5 years

Movement skills like running, kicking and throwing will need to be learned & mastered so kids can progress to more vigorous movement skills. Hand eye co-ordination is developed along with reaction functions. Encourages kids to love skilled activities by disguising exercise via play using our specialised equipment. Activities include tumbling & gymnastic skills, animal-walks, agility-circuits and fun-active-games. All this helps develop motor skills and co-ordination. Cognitive and language enrichment is also encouraged. Kids get social and interact with others in our fun and engaging club.

Bears 5 to 6 years and Wolves 7 to 9 years 

Children begin to master the relationship between motor function and cognition. Each movement becomes more accurate and powerful and the children enjoy and master vigorous running, jumping, climbing, throwing and kicking skills. Progressive program activities include advanced gymnastics & tumbling skills, sports skills and games, which develop agility, flexibility, strength and endurance. Classes activities build self-esteem and confidence, improve posture, concentration and attention span. Active team-games foster co-operation and an understanding of a fair-play ethos and the enhancement of social skills

School & Pre-schools Tie-ups

Two classes are delivered each week, one in your school and one mulit-activity-gymnastic-n-sports class in the Jymka Club. We invite local schools and pre-schools to do a tie-up with us whereby we can provide expert fitness to the children in your school. This service gives each child in your school accessibility to be education in complete movement skills in addition to getting fit and healthy. It is a very cost effective way for parent to give the best fitness education by the experts to their children. Contact your local Jymka club today to find out more:


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