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Jymka Sensory Play ‘Baby Seals’ Classes 18 months to 3yrs

The Jymka Sensory Play class is an ‘Adult & Child class’ whereby a parent or adult accompanies the child and participates in the class activities. Class activities engage and stimulate all of your child’s senses: touch, smell, sight and hearing, which facilitates exploration. This  encourages each child to use cognitive thinking processes while they play, create, investigate and explore. Investing this time in your toddler will help them to develop cognitively, linguistically, physically, creatively, socially and emotionally. 

This class also introduces your child to movement skills in an enjoyable, fun and safe environment from crawling, walking, climbing, tumbling etc. the first steps towards an active lifestyle! These activities stimulate different areas of your child’s brain, which influences their ability to learn. As each child progresses their self-esteem soars.

Captivating Activities include:

  • BabySeal puppet time
  • Action songs and rhymes – develops communication skills
  • Movement stretches
  • Treasure-box-time
  • Ball-play
  • Motor-skill-games 
  • Circuit agility and tumbling fun

“I have 2 kids and I bring them both to the Babay Seals class even though the youngest is just 18mths. We all love the class and I have met other Mums with kids the same age, which is really great” Laura W.

Mum & Toddler Time

The Jymka ‘Mum & Toddler’ membership deal is a great way for both Mothers and their children to get fit and have fun. Each week it it includes:

  • 3 x BabySeal Parent & Tobbler Class
  • 3 x Ladies Optimum fitness classes (1 BFIT, 1 FX Cut and 1 Bootcamp or Body-combat class)
  • 3 x Toddler-minding-time 50min in duration while Mum is getting fit

These classes run consecutively in the morning time x3 times per week - starting with the BabySeal class and followed by a Ladies fitness class for the Mums while their toddlers are being looked after in the blue-room by our Jymka childminding staff. It not only gives mothers the opportunity to get fit and stay looking a feeling great but gives them the opportunity to meet other Mums with kids the same age

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